Data Protection and Classification

Data becomes one of the most valuable resources on earth! It’s the core of our digital life! And because of that the security of our data is one of the most important issues that cybersecurity solutions covered. Not just protect our data! But classified it too.

Data Security, DLP Forensics & Visibility Solution

Cloud Security

The world using Cloud in a wide! Cloud security is a responsibility that is shared between the cloud provider and the user. That’s mean the technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect cloud traffic and cloud data, applications, and infrastructure must be secure from threats.

Network Security, NGFW & IPS

Identity and Access Management

In our infrastructure the admins need to know: “who is accessing my infrastructure? Data? Network? Endpoints?”, and at the same time “who can access what”! cybersecurity to solve this problem provide the users with list of accessing solutions, like NAC (Network Access Controls), PAM (Privilege Access Management), IAM (Identity and Access Management), to close the open doors and manage and secure who can access what.

Endpoint Security & EDR Solution

Web and email Security

Accessing the web and receiving emails are mandatory, the problem is that the threats come from these tow internet services! So, business need a strong protection to protect our web surface and received clean emails. Cybersecurity will protect you from web and emails threats.

Access Control Solutions

Dark Web Monitoring and Security

Dark web is the home of hackers and web criminals! They steal and publish your company’s data, your photos, your mobile number, your email, your ID card, your bank account, your internet activity and even your passwords! Because of that companies need to know what hackers steal? and where is its own data? and who is using it? in one hand, and in the other hand how can we prevent our data to be stolen and published again? Thank God we are here to help.

Proxy, VPN & Encryption Solution

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